The staff of Hill Walker Inc. have extensive experience at all organizational levels, including corporate, program, project and technical levels of operation. Our capital project experience covers virtually every aspect of the built environment and includes projects having a monetary value in excess of $6 billion.

Capital project experience includes the following types of facilities:

  • Administrative
  • Civil Works
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Health & Welfare
  • Industrial
  • Information
  • Parks
  • Protective Service
  • Recreational
  • Residential
  • Scientific
  • Utilities

Program level experience includes:

  • Operational Programs: Business planning, organizational design, infrastructure development, staffing and on-going operations
  • Capital Program Execution: Major programs in buildings, civil works, interior construction, small projects and parks and recreation

Special project experience includes a wide variety of capital-related and non-capital projects:

  • Alberta Builders' Lien Act Task Force
  • Alternative delivery and contract arrangements
  • Canadian National Master Specification System (NMS)
  • Facility commissioning
  • Industrialized building systems
  • Performance specified building systems
  • Property management

Corporate Policy experience includes:

  • Development and implementation of policy and practices related to:
    • Bidding / Tendering
    • Contract Award
    • Insurance & Bonding
    • Contracts
    • Procurement
    • Specifications and Standards
  • legislation review and evaluation: Alberta Public Works Act, Alberta Builders’ Lien Act
  • National and international trade agreements
  • Public policy, including public sector change, local preferences.

Education and training experience includes the following:

  • Adult education and training
  • Professional development
  • Seminars
  • Short and long courses

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